Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ultimate eBook Store : Ultimate Forex Trading Day 55 Up 119.08%

Ultimate eBook Store : Ultimate Forex Trading Day 55 Up 119.08%

Nothing to report no trades were taken or closed today. One of our shorts of the EUR-USD came close to hitting its target however, did not quite make it. Overall we will be patient and continue to monitor. The only thing that happened today was a negative rollover.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Trying Something Different

We are moving the blog directly inside the ebook store as a test until further notice.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ways To Use MySpace For Business

For some people doing business on the internet is new. So many people wanting to succeed and not doing it. MySpace can be a great way to find potential business however, sending unsolicited mail to folks is bound to get you the following:

This Profile No Longer Exists

The profile you received this message from has been deleted. Either
this user deleted their own profile or MySpace deleted it for spamming
and/or content violations.
To remove this message click the delete button below.
Thank you.
If you're seeing a lot of old messages in your inbox like this, it's
because someone you know who has written you messages has been deleted.
If the messages are new, it's probably a spammer that MySpace caught in
the act.

Now the good thing about MySpace is that there are a ton of folks. And the key to success on playing this internet game is a target audience. Simply put people that are interested in your product or service.

The next question is how do you know who is interested in your products or services. Now this is the fun part because unless you are in a forum the only way you can target your group is through keywords they maybe interested in. So you need to find keywords and/or phrases people associate with your product or service.

How can I find keywords there are two places both are free?

Google adwords is a paying service however, you can use their keyword tool free. Now you can type in a keyword and find out how many people are using that keyword per month.

Once you get the keywords that you want to use make sure that you use it in the subject. Blogs, bulletins, forums and classified that way if people are interested they will open it.

There are tons of other ways to use MySpace for business but, what is important is targeting your audience and of course not being kicked off MySpace. We have a free ebook called MySpace Marketing Secrets Revealed that may have good information.

Now an easy way to tell when, what and where people are clicking is by using It's a good idea to find out if your information is working and there is no better way than tracking.