Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trading Log As Of 2/20/09

A lot of people are scared of the markets and don’t really understand the markets. Most people only really know about the stock market however, there are two other markets that offer a larger degree of risk and reward along with the major advantage or disadvantage of leverage. Leverage is what can make or break traders and with some good money management risk can be limited. In all these markets at least 90% of the people that play lose and that is the sad truth. Most people think that regular people can not make money in these markets and they couldn’t be far enough from the truth. This group was set up for one reason and that is to prove that it is possible to make money and my market of choice is forex. Forex offers some unique features 1) the market goes 24 hours a day 5.5 days per week, 2) no exchange fees for real time data from the broker, 3) it’s the most liquid market in the world

There are a lot of people that would like your business yet don’t prove their performance. If you ask your broker for that you might get laughed at. The goal is simple and that is to make you a lot of money however, before we do that we need to go over my rules. And the most important rule is money management. You need to have a set dollar amount or percentage of your account that you are comfortable risking remember there is a chance each and every trade that you could lose this money. Understand that this is not a race to a specified amount of money the market and signals will always come sooner or later. We will not always be in a trade patience and timing is a very important part of this game. You also need to have a basic understanding about orders(ie. market, limit, stops, buying(going long) and selling(going short). Like most investments money can be made going up or going down.

With this discussion you will see all my trades in a demo account recently started. The only handicap I have is that with this company I need to say in front of the computer. This will limit me with a lot of potential however, it will give you an idea of potential and that the money can be made. Look at the attached files for updates on this demo account. All these trades are short term.

I started this because for some reason there are people within the iseecolor family that are sending stuff about penny stocks, traditional stocks and investment information that seem to disappear when you ask them for proof or questions. Again before you part with your money make them prove it.

If you are a penny stock person please take a look at my profile that guy is a real trader and can teach you how to trade penny stocks. He also is proving publicly what he is doing with total transparency. For clarification he trades the stocks only they are not investments.

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