Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hampton University Shooting Possible Cause

I'm starting to find it very ironic how these shootings are starting occur. Not much is ever looked at when it comes to causes of these issues. Years ago when I was young I do not recall this many issues with people and random shootings. We need to take a look at the amount of prescribed drugs that these people maybe taking. Additionally we need to look into massive amount of drugs in our everyday drinking water. When things like this occur everyone wanted to point blame and no one really digs deep into the cause. What affects are these massive amount of drugs having on our bodies? And the really big question is why technology progresses yet we see no cures. Could it be that there is no residual income in cures. These drug companies are growing by leaps and bounds every other commercial is now one advertising drugs. It was not like this when I was young but, then again these random no reason shootings didn't occur either. And just in case you missed it here is a headline that slipped under the radar and will probably not be discussed again:

Our media seems to want to talk about Octomom and lets this just slip under the radar. We will get outraged over Octomom and yet we stay silent over one of the things that affect our health clean water. What is wrong with this picture people?

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