Saturday, April 18, 2009

Use Hot New Free Shopping Tool To Save Money In Any Economy


I just wanted to drop a quick note.

I just discovered a new software program called MyShoppingGenie and I love it ... and I think you will too.

Here’s how it works ...

You install the FREE Genie onto your computer ... every time you do a search using your favorite major search engine such as Google or Yahoo ... the Genie instantly appears on your computer screen, featuring a simple to navigate selection of major online shopping and auction sites, e-commerce sites and local businesses. Conduct your own comparison pricing with the click of your mouse!

So there is no more going from one place to another looking for the best online bargains.

It saves you time, money and its fun!

Best of all, it's FREE!

Go get your free copy by visiting the link below.
And a new auction website with a twist. With the twist it is possible to get a $100 gift card for a penny. Yes that's 1 cent. Check them out when you can.

Talk to you soon,

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