Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting The First Spot In Google For A Keyword Or Phrase

Getting to the first spot in Google for a keyword or phrase has never been a problem. It's keeping your website in the first spot that becomes interesting. More than a few web sites in first place for either a keyword or key phrase however, just like a horse race when you are in first someone is always on your tale. Where most sites have an advantage or disadvantage is with the domain name. SEO is very important but, none have been as important as the initial picking of a URL. See most potential website owners have a name they love and have to have. What they don't know is that name could give a serious disadvantage to start. The easiest way to fix this is to purchase multiple domain names the one you love and the one that makes sense to SEO. Just by having a key phrase as you URL people will find your site just by typing in a normal phrase. This same practice holds true for writing articles keyword or phrase in the title followed by keywords and phrases in the article body.

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