Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why Craigslist Is Under Fire?

For the longest time Craigslist pretty much did their own thing. For years they have been policed mostly by users however, more recently you have seen them in the news for a lot of stuff. Corporate entities especially newspapers have always frowned on Craigslist because they started the trend of free classifieds that literally killed print classifieds revenue.

Now for a longtime Craigslist had a little link on their site for Save The Internet however, it is gone now. Is it possible Craigslist is finally starting to cave in to major corporate agenda not sure, but You Tube, Facebook, MySpace, etc... are censoring some information.

Here are a few things about Save The Internet:

"Net neutrality" gets white hot as FCC drafts broadband plan

So now you have to ask is Craigslist going down as one of the last safe places for speech on the internet.

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