Monday, June 15, 2009

Fools or Laker Fans

Funny how life works in competitive sports a player can work for years and finally reach his or her goal. When they conquer the hurdle normally you see either a sigh of relief or perhaps an emotional response. Generally they have given up a very large part of their lives as committed athletes to achieve this goal.

Now the fan is an avid watcher of a player, sport or perhaps celebrity. They might follow headlines and get to events starring the person they are a fan of. When their favorite person wins an award this person stays composed and is just excited. The normal reaction is to be excited but, a controlled excitement.

And then there is the fool. The fool thinks he or she is a fan however, this person acts like someone without a purpose in life if their player, sport or celebrity wins an award. Now the fool is a good person however, maybe some of that fool needs to be channeled in other directions like speaking with authorities that disagree with global warming, asking why GM went under(they had an electric car years ago and were in the forefront with the technology) and what are jets spraying in the skies over our cities. The fool has a purpose however, the fool needs to direct energy at issues that will affect us all.

A big question is will the media cover the fools when it has a real purpose. And will the fools act a fool when there is purpose behind it.

With those thoughts out of the way congratulation Lakers they busted their buts to get back and make it happen.

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