Friday, June 26, 2009

What Is The Ultimate Life?

Everyone from the day we were born has some purpose in life. Everyone should have a single common purpose and that is to live the ultimate life. Life is about just that living and during this time we should stop the fanatic pace some of us live and just relax. In a world of cell phones, 24/7 TV, propaganda known as news and an economic crisis how often do we take time to be at harmony with ourselves and our families.

Yup out of 365 days a year some of it needs to be devoted to yourself, family and friends. The ultimate life is not spending time with the boss, the better life is not spending more time at work than with your family. Just think when is the last time you went to a movie and did not have someone pull out a cell phone. A better life will never be achieved if we can not do something as simple as watch a movie in peace. With technology improving significantly over the decade’s life was suppose to get better. Improving technology was supposed to help keep us healthier.

So what happened with the better life we were suppose to have as technology progressed. Explaining this would require more than just an article we would need to take time to write an entire book. We can however sum it up by saying people started living for work instead of working to live.

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