Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where Can You Find Completely Free eBooks? - Ultimate eBook Store

Completely free ebooks can be found at the Ultimate eBook Store. For the most part we do not write alot of content advertising however, this is a test for organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. While going through keywords more than a few came up repeatedly that could possibly catch a search engines eye. Those words where as follows:

adobe, kindle, sony, ebook, ebooks, e book, e-book, eboko, reader, pdf, free,download, down load, electronic book, etc...

While this is meant for test purposes you notice that one of the words was mispelled. Well welcome to the world of finding niches in the system to be recognized by SE. The majority of the world is not proficient in English so you will find alot of keywords that are mispelled. These can be used to your advantage sometimes although normally these would be done internally within a website. With the ebook store there are more than a few tutorials that give information on how to increase rankings with search engines.

People that could benefits from these electronic books are small businesses, work at home, MLM, affiliates and regular people. If an improvement in your self, life or business is needed anyone could benefit from these downloadable e-books.

Now when adding new ebooks occassionally ads will be put online. Creative lines with a simple description normally do the trick. And one way we know if the ads work is by using a free tracking service that tells when, where and how many clicks ads are getting. Besides when urls look like this why not benefit two ways and have it look like this

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