Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson A Legend Is Officially Gone

Frankly have been putting this one off for alittle bit however, the need for a little closure is in order. Depending on your age Michael Jackson may or may not mean alot to you. To the middle aged folks from about 30 and up will have an entirely different take on what Michael Jackson was about. So on a positive note the top 10 things to remember about Michael Jackson.

1) The moonwalk
2) His jeri curl
3) Every album he every made
4) The Jackson 5
5) Bubbles the chimp
6) The glitter glove
7) "Thriller" and every video he made
8) Every concert he ever did
9) Neverland Ranch
10) Michael Jackson performing as a kid

Michael thank you for all the great memories this past week has given radio something that has been missing for sometime. Real music from a real performer and for a brief moment in time many middle aged folks will turn on the radio to enjoy your music once again in it's rightful spot. Music of today simply does not compare and the trend of people simply buying singles gives it away. Real performers put out albums that performed not only singles, frankly Michael Jackson gave standards to music that are not being met today and honestly probably never will.

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