Thursday, May 28, 2009

Before You Spend Your Hard Earned Money On MLM

We spend alot of time making money nowadays and MLM is apparently a way of life. The problem I've always had with MLM is that they require an upfront cost for you spending your time and effort marketing their stuff. So they want you to pay them to market their stuff. Frankly to me it is like your boss asking you to pay them for working their position. Now you really need to ask yourself if that makes sense.

Yes there are a number of long standing companies of MLM like Avon, Tupperware and Kirby. It all comes down to how much make up, tupperware or vacuums can you sell. All of them have limits on what people will purchase or can purchase.

So what can you do to lessen the draw on your pocketbook. That is really simple just find something that you are passionate about and find an affiliate. Affiliates Clickbank and Share A Sale don't cost any money to join and both have a large variety of things to market.

To start with an affiliate simply sign up with them and find a program you are interested in. Once you have an affiliate address(URL) go to to find a good domain name to forward and mask so people don't steal your commission or sales. If you aren't familiar with forwarding and masking they will be more than happy to help.

So you understand forwarding and masking in simple terms it's like sending your house phone calls to your cell phone. People call the house and get sent to your cell(forwarding) however, they never know because the house phone number still shows up on their phone(masking).

Now at this point you have spent a grand total of about $10 to get in business. All you need to do is market and invest your time to find an audience. Once you get good at marketing products you are passionate about is when you can start looking into MLM but, for now the best bang for your buck is in affiliate marketing.

In order for you to start getting the word out you need to find places to advertise free like and a new comer You will utilize all the free advertsing that you can as the internet is loaded with free stuff.

The most important thing to share is to find your audience and not spend your time trying to convince people of your services or why you are better. The fun part of internet marketing is getting the search engines to pick you up so you do not continue to be the needle in a hay stack.

For more free information on internet marketing take a look inside there is a ton of stuff to read and learn about internet marketing.

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