Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dangers of Tattoo Ink

Twenty-somethings are lining up at tattoo parlors by the droves, but many without any knowledge of what their body ink can do to their health. Researchers released a report today saying that the metals in tattoo ink may be cancer causing.
As opposed to tattooing of the past, today techniques, tools and chemicals have changed significantly. The report says,
“…many of today’s tattoo inks contain metallic salts, oxides, sulphides and selenides, according to a study done by the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection on permanent tattoo inks in Europe. Many of the chemicals found were originally intended for use in writing, automobile paints and printer inks.”
Due to the previous lack of evidence to investigate the health risks of tattoos, the FDA does not regulate the chemicals and products used in tattoo ink. But now chemists and researchers in both America and Europe are hoping to prove the risks associated with tattoo ink and gain the FDAs support in placing more stringent regulations on tattooing.
The report goes on to outline a number of other negative factors caused by tattoo ink, “In addition, the FDA does not require the ingredients of the inks to be disclosed. Because they are considered “trade secrets,” tattoo inks may contain chemicals known to cause mutations, birth defects or cancer, though these symptoms may take years to appear.”
As more information regarding tattoo health floods out, the masses of people getting tattoos may steadily decline. For more information about tattoo removal treatments, go to



  1. Now take a look on look at the carriers in tattoo ink and notice it's some of what is in anti freeze for your car.

  2. So, if I would have to get a tattoo, then I have to find someone who uses those "ancient" formulas that our forefathers used. They seem to be effective and harmless.