Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saving Money by Grow Vegetables

Some area greenhouses say what used to just be a hobby is quickly turning into a way to save money during the current recession.
Several local greenhouses say vegetable sales are way up. They also say they are seeing seasoned gardening veterans and many first-time gardeners looking to save by planting their own vegetables.
"Many of them are doing it because they want to save on grocery bills. Some are doing it because others are doing it to save on grocery bills and discovering that that is a good way to get back to their roots," says Arlene Ried, owner of Glenhaven Greenhouses.
"There is nothing like a good fresh tomato out of a garden, good fresh green beans," says gardener Jane Garrett.
Employees at Glenhaven Greenhouses say they work hard everyday to keep the supply equal to the ever increasing demand for vegetable plants.


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