Monday, May 18, 2009

Protect our Children from Compuslory Vaccination

Dear Lawmaker

I am writing to you at the suggestion of the Natural Solutions Foundation, a not for profit, tax exempt organization focused on protecting health and health freedom, to urge your strongest support for legislation which protects both adults and children from the dangers, both physical and Constitutional, of forced vaccination. Those dangers are becoming more and more clear, despite the vigorous efforts of the Pharmaceutical industry to hide them. Vaccines dangers include permanent brain damage resulting in autism, cancer, neurological disorders of many sorts, auto immune disease, paralysis and death (sometimes misdiagnosed as "Shaken Baby Syndrome" or "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome", both of which are well characterized vaccine reactions. Forced vaccination, such as that being considered by New York State and at the Federal level through Acts such as BARDA, the mis-named "Patriot Act" and other legislation is intolerable in a free society.

Bills like the one New York State is currently considering, Assembly Bill 10942 which makes all vaccines recommended by the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ADIP) mandatory and permits the state to administer vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV without parental knowledge or consent are a danger to our children and our liberties. Lawmakers in New York must act to defeat New York Assembly Bill 10942 , lawmakers in other states must resist the pressure brought to bear by pharmaceutically-financed pressure techniques, while Congress must pass legislation to end the continuing threat of state by state and/or federal mandatory vaccination.

This practice would provide huge profits for the manufacturers of vaccines in both the primary round of profit taking and in the billions of dollars spent on treating the victims of vaccination: the autistic, those with cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders, auto immune disease and a host of other preventable chronic diseases which can be traced to vaccination. But the rights and well-being of ourselves and our children would be the ultimate cost to this drug company windfall.

You are a legislator whom I have entrusted with my protection and safety. If I do not wish to have my child or myself exposed to vaccines, and wish to control the conditions impacting on his or her body, or mine, based on my own best judgment, that is surely my right as a Citizen of a Country protected by our Constitution and as a parent and as the owner of my own body. I urge you to pass actively protective legislation allowing exemptions based on philosophical objection, conviction or medical conditions at the legislative level at which you have been elected to serve me.

As a concerned citizen, I will be watching your actions on this vital matter closely!


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  1. Defeat NY Assembly Bill 10942 , Prevent Compulsory Vaccination
    Support Health Freedom and Stop Compulsory Vaccination
    New York Assembly Bill 10942 would make all vaccines recommended by the CDC mandatory for all children to attend school and, and for the first time, vaccines would become mandatory for infants and toddlers.

    * All children in New York would be required to get all shots reccomended by the CDC's Advisory Committee in Imunization Practices.
    * All children will be compelled to receive all shots - there will be religious exemptions for students but not for health workers and adults
    * Exemptions of Conscience are not permitted under the proposed legislation
    * All children in New York up to age 18 would be required to get annual flu shots
    * All girls in New York would be required to get a human papilloma virus shots without parental approval or even notification
    * All junior high school children and college students would be required to get meningococcal shots.

    This law, which would force dangerous and unwelcome vaccines on children in New York State, without exemptions, is now before the New York State Assembly.
    Under this law, regardless of previous adverse reactions, genetic susceptibility, parental objection or any other condition, girls will be forced to receive 70 doses of vaccines, boys 67, by the time they are 18 years old, including vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases, regardless of parental approval.
    At a time when the vaunted safety of vaccines is being questioned even by the former head of the NIH, Dr. Bernadine Healey, this push for quick profits and generation-wide health disasters is unconsionable.
    Vaccines are dangerous, poorly tested and have not, despite vast propaganda efforts, been shown to be either safe or effective. Parallel to increasing numbers of vaccinations, autism, diabetis, auto immune disorders, neurological disorders and cancer are outpacing the ability of families and the health care system to deal with them in the children who are experiencing, and often dying, of these tragic, and preventable illnesses.
    Vaccination is being forced upon millions ofchildren despite the clear dangers of inoculation (especially early infant inoculation and multiple vaccinations) and the low scientific validity of the procedure.
    This type of medical tyranny cannot be allowed in a free country where it violates parental rights and allows the school or state to supersede the authority of the parent or, in the case of adults, violates the personal rights of anyone being threatened with compulsory medication or vaccination.
    Actions you take when you submit this letter:
    Your letter urges your Congressional Members to protect your health and health freedom now by supporting the Child Medication Safety Act, S. 891, in order to keep children safe from dangerous medications and urge protective legislations for all members of the population as well.
    Your letter urges your Federal Legislators and all New York State legislators to enact laws which make exemptions on medical, philosphical or conscientious grounds to vaccination to protect both our children and our liberties.