Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos

It's ashame how the internet has brought us so close together yet tear us so far apart. With the net privacy seems to diminish quite abit which is both good and bad. Issues that occured like 911 are part of the good and bad. You see videos of things like confessions of fire fighters that say yes there were explosions in the buildings prior to them coming down. Then vice president Dick Cheney clearly saying missles hit the Pentagon. Lots of things that we were told about that day are sitting on the net for all to see which is good. It simply lets us know that our government is cleary lying to us about alot of things. That bad is that things like photos of a dead minor killed in an accident needs to stay private. It's something that no person would want of there family or friends in such a tragic moment. In our world where our privacy is being blurred by cell phones, twitter, GPS and conspiracy threats of RFID chips being implanted in us where do we draw the line. That's my blog for today time to enjoy Vegas.

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