Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oprah, PETA & KFC

Somehow this managed to get in the headlines and at this point not
really surprised the media is hyping it. My take on PETA is I'm an
animal lover however, we as humans have a lot of rights that are
diminishing before our eyes. At what point did we start taking time and
energy to take a major stand with animals but, fail to take a stand for
our health and rights. Take time to google Codex Alimentarius and
fight for our nutrition. Take time to google fluorine the base of
fluoride and ask why it is in our water. Take time to google aspartame and ask why it is allowed in our food. Ask why a private entity known
as the Federal Reserve controls our monetary supply. If you agree with the Federal Reserve let me have your money and I will loan it back to you with interest. Makes sense to me.(NOT) Ask why
independent candidates are not allowed in the debates. If you ever want to see some real topics discussed have them open the debates. We talk about a
fuel crisis and breaking our independence on foreign oil yet totally
ignore that alcohol is a fuel and is renewable. Ask why scientist
around the world do not agree with global warming yet you never get to hear from them. If CO2 is the major
cause of global warming would planting trees and foilage be a
solution. Plants consume CO2 right. Ask why the media is pumping up swine flu and totally ignore
stats on tuberculosis. We don't see that in the news looped like swine flu. My challenge for PETA let's take time to get our
own rights in order then we can focus on animals.

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