Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Ways To Save Money

By Dennis Rockstroh
Mercury News

Suggestions on how to economize as we travel through this economic storm are continuing to pour in.

But before getting to some of your suggestions, I have heard from readers who are puzzled on how you would save money by avoiding left turns as you drive around town.

It takes planning, but the next time you see the familiar brown UPS truck chugging through your neighborhood, notice this: few, if any, left turns, especially at clogged intersections where vehicles line up and idle waiting for the light to change for the left turn.

The numbers say it all. Nationally, UPS says the right-turn policy reduced driving miles by 29 million, annually saving more than 3 million gallons of gas.

Besides, left turns are more dangerous and you know how much accidents cost.
Now, your suggestions:

I have lived at my apartment complex for five years and every year I get a rent increase. With my anticipated increase coming up in a couple months and knowing that I just can't afford it, I started to look for a new place. Well, surprise, surprise. When I went online and saw my apartment complex advertising for $50 less per month than I was paying, I immediately contacted my apartment managers and received my $50 decrease effective now. That's a savings of $600 a year bottom line.
John Bender

I ask family members to bring me their discarded printouts from work. As long as the paper is blank on one side (almost always) and not crumbled, I load my PC printer and print on the blank side.
John Konno

My Dad, the dentist, would have said that a mixture of salt and baking soda works about as well as most toothpastes — just not very tasty.
Sue Allen

If you are going to eat out, go to lunch, not dinner. Lunch can sometimes cost up to 50 percent less — for the exact same meal.
Tina Casalino

Do all the normal things, water less, turn out lights, eat far less (dropped 15 pounds from the beginning of the year). Eat all leftovers. Hang clothes out to dry on a sunny day. Buy only used books. Plan your errands out so you spend less time driving around.

Forget soft drinks. Teach the kids to drink iced tea or homemade lemonade; it's healthier, too.

Get free movies at the public library.
Mina Meta

Don't purchase processed or prepackaged foods. They are not only more expensive than preparing foods from scratch, but they usually have more fat, sodium and preservatives so they are less healthy.
Bethann Merriam

Turn out lights behind you.
Philip and Florence LaRiviere


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