Monday, May 18, 2009

Protect the American People from Dental Mercury and the FDA!

Dear Legislator,

I am writing to you at the suggestion of the Natural Solutions Foundation to request that you compel the NIH to release an independent evaluation of a highly suspect and corrupt process through which mercury amalgams were given a predetermined clean bill of health despite a Congressional mandate for a meaningful evaluation of the health hazards posed by continued use of mercury in dental fillings.

This evaluation was never carried out in a forthright and independent fashion. Instead, the dental arm of the FDA provided a blueprint to the consultant chosen to receive this contract outlining the desired mercury-favoring results. A meeting coordinator was selected without background or experience in developing this kind of report and the coordinator inverted the terms of reference of the report from "finding evidence of harm", the Congressional mandate, to "proof that the product is unsafe".

Two FDA Scientific Advisory Committees rejected the report leading NIH Chairman Elias Zerhouni to hire an independent CPA firm to do an investigation and report on this process and report. To date, despite 2 freedom of information requests, the CPA's evaluation has not been released to the public.

This is representative of the corrupt, industry friendly, health hostile practices of the FDA and segments of the NIH. Since this sort of shenanigan provides immediate harm through poor decision making (e.g., retaining mercury in dental amalgams) and undermines the highly significant mandate of the FDA to safeguard American health, food and products, I strongly urge you to take the following steps:1. Compel NIH Chairman Zerhouni to release the CPA report and the underlying documents upon which it is based to the public immediately since the health of your constituency is very seriously impaired by the secrecy and failed report involved here.2. Compel the FDA to commission a new and truly independent study on the the dangers posed by dental mercury under Congressional oversight3. We ask Federal legislators old hearings on the feasibility, impact and mechanisms for splitting the FDA up into two separate agencies to regulate food and drugs without contamination of food regulation by drug interests and vice versa since clean, unadulterated food and supplements are a direct threat to the economic health of the pharmaceutical industry which provides a significant portion of the operating budget of the FDA through drug company "User fees"4. We ask State Legislators to hold hearings on the feasibility, impact and mechanisms for banning all medical uses of mercury in your State since the continued use of mercury poses a well-documented health hazard to the people of your State5. Introduce legislation to ban mercury from all medical uses and making its use or introduction into the human body a felony offense.

The Natural Solutions Foundation,, would be happy to provide scientific and technical support to assist in all steps of this process.

Thank you for your commitment to my health and well-being. I will be following your steps on this issue closely.


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  1. FDA's Corrupt Practices Shield Mercury in Dental Fillings

    Tell Legislators to force FDA to Protect People, Not Industry

    Serious concerns about the dangers of dental fillings continaing mercury have led Norway, Denmark and Sweden to ban the use of mercury in dental fillings. Following a Congressional request to study the dangers of dental mercury and address the controversy over the health risks of mercury amalgam fillings, the FDA promised an"independent review" of the harm done by mercury in fillings. Instead, officials from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and FDA handed a blueprint of the desired, mercury favorable results to a Washington consultant. An unqualified meeting planner was selected who literally inverted the directive of the contract and appointed an FDA/industry-favored person to write the report. Instead of "finding evidence of harm", the Congressional mandate, the report's task was changed to require "proof that the product is unsafe".

    Shortly afterwards, members of two different FDA Scientific Advisory Committees rejected the report.

    Both the dental arm of the NIH and the FDA are complicit in this dangerous fraud. NIH Chairman Elias Zerhouni hired an independent CPA firm to investigate this situation and to provide an independent review of the process and the first report. The CPA firm's report is currently being withheld from the public despite two Freedom of Information requests.

    Let both your State and Federal legislators know that mercury is dangerous and should be banned from dental and other health-related use and that the industry-cosy behavior of the FDA must be stopped since it is harming and killing Americans. This industry-controlled regulatory agency behavior corrupts a central government function: the mandated protection of foods and drugs. Instead, the manufactures of those foods and drugs are being protected at the expense of the health fo the American people.

    Mercury is a deadly poison:

    * Dental Amalgam, (often called "silver fillings" are made with toxic mercury. The word mercury has been avoided for so long in dental amalgam, it's not common knowledge that they contain 50% mercury.

    * Only about 30% of dental amalgam is silver, although they are often referred to as silver fillings.

    * Mercury from dental amalgam is absorbed into the body through chewing, brushing and grinding teeth. Dental amalgam fillings can also break down so particles are possibly swallowed over time.
    * Practical alternatives to dental amalgam exist.