Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Spend Less Money Running Your Computer

We often overlook the little things we it comes to saving money. Even the power management on your computer can have a descent affect on your electric bill over time. Here are a few tips for saving money with your computer:

1) Remember that if you use a laptop it is very likely to save alot more money in electric use than a desktop. After all it is designed to run on batteries use the same settings for battery use to minimize electricity usage.

2) Lots of us like to use the screen saver however, it is a waste set you monitor to turn off in the same time frame you would normally use for the screen saver. If you are not in front of the computer a screen saver is wasting energy. Even the CPU using power just to run the screen saver.

3) An old desktop computer with an old monitor is an energy magnet. The general rule of thumb is old computers use more electricity. That rule applies to most things except for cars which is politic related.

4) Don't leave your computer on all day. If you are going to leave your computer for more than 10 minutes just turn it off. Just think hybrid cars use this same tactic off at lights, off down hills, off when you let off the accelerator, etc... Simple fact is it adds up.

5) My favorite way to save is having all of the computer and accessories plugged into not one but two power strips. One is for the computer, monitor and DSL/cable modem. The other is for accessories like your printer, scanner, pencil sharpener, etc... The idea is only to keep on what you need and use. Most of us only use the computer, monitor and internet so the rest is wasting money. When I'm not using them the power strip is turned off.

These simple tips will ease you electric bill it does wonders for mine.

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