Monday, May 18, 2009

Support Parental Rights

Dear Legislator:

Psychiatric drugs are being used on millions of children in the United States with little justification and with serious (even lethal) consequences, often over the objections of their parents. I am writing you at the suggestion of the Natural Solutions Foundation, a private not for profit humanitarian NGO, to urge you in the strongest possible terms to support legislation which bars funds under your control from being used for mandatory mental health screenings. These screenings are unscientific marketing tools created by and supported by the drug companies to increase profits from the latest vulnerable population: children.

The Parental Consent Act, HR 2218 serves as a model for states and a requirement for the federal government: no parent shall be coerced into allowing the medication of their child if they are not willing to have the child so treated and no federal monies may be used for such screening or treatments. Parents who do not wish to have their children medicated must be protected from child abuse of neglect actions by schools and other agencies.

Every school shooting in the United States has involved either a medicated student or a student withdrawing from medication. The price of psychiatric medication goes beyond a dollar cost, diabetes, suicide and permanent neurological damage (tardive diskinesia, a life long disabling constant uncontrollable writhing and twitching disorder, affects 10-15% of all children on psychological drugs - there is no known treatment for this tragic disorder). It goes beyond the black market kids engage in known as "pharming" stimulants like Ritalin(c). It extends to permanent brain damage and the theft of normal development of generations of children whose brains will never be normal. Given that the "diagnoses" of psychiatric disorders are imprecise and fanciful, not based in science, and that the "treatments" are highly toxic compounds for which there are effective, more cost-effective replacements, it is incumbent upon you, as an elected official with a public trust, to protect our vulnerable children, who are our future, from the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.

Since drug companies are working at both the State and Federal levels to enact legislation which would mandate screening and compulsory drugging of children, I am writing to you to seek your protection both for the children of your constituency, and of Constitutional rights as well. Legislators are our best protection against coercion.

As a member of a legislative body I urge you to sponsor or co sponsor legislation such as HR 2218. If you call upon your constituency to support you, I have no doubt that your esteem in the eyes of constituents like me will rise sharply. If you do not, the watchful eyes of all of us in your district will discern that you have failed to protect us and we will respond accordingly.

Thank you for protecting our children.


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  1. Support Parental Consent to Medication or Treatment

    Support Parental Consent Act-Prevent Compulsory Screening, Medication of Children

    Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced the HR 2218, the Parental Consent Act (PCA) on April 30, 2009. This bill will prohibit the use of Federal Funds for compulsory mental screening of children in schools and elsewhere. These screening tools such as "Teen Screen" have no scientific validity, use misleading and inappropriate questioning methods and are designed to lead to "diagnoses" which then mandate "treatment" with dangerous psychotropic medications of children and adolescents.

    These drugs are neither safe nor effective, but they are dangerous, often leading to neurological, endocrine and organ damage, lethal behavior (both suicide and homicide) and other serious side effects. Drug damage is "treated" by the addition of more drugs leading to the potentially deadly state of "polypharmacy" or multiple drugs in an untested and toxic cocktail leading to unknown and novel side effects, some lasting for life. Safe, non pharmaceutical options exist for the conditions "treated" by these dangerous medications

    Urge your State and Federal legislators to protect children and parental rights at the same time by voting against any and all legislation which

    * Compels parents to agree to medicate their children against their belief or judgement
    * Permits schools and other agencies to deny services to children who are not medicated
    * Uses State or Federal funds for compulsory screening or medication of children
    * Permits schools or other agencies to bring charges of medical neglect or abuse or similar charges against parents who choose not to medicate their children.

    The rights of parents and children to remain free of dangerous medication and/or ominous "screening" is essential to a free society and a healthy national cohort of children.